Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Social Manifestations of Rascism

When is racism, actually racism? The statement breathes forth the necessity to engage in a concrete analogy to facilitate a quantitative negation, into much needed qualitative synthesis, that will redefine the stereotypical generalizations of racism, as define by the general consensus, as oppose to the concrete circumstances that actually perpetuates the culture of racism.
Racism at it’s origin of existence, is an internal thought process. But once this internal thought process consistently nurtured by the individual, it then takes on the external manifestations of an institution. This institution of racism is then solidified into a material reality, by those individuals whom has embrace this internal transitory thought process, into their daily social practices, which complements this ideological transformation that they have consciously made. There is no better of an example of this, then the institutionalize racist practices, that we New Afrikan Prisoners in these concrete tombs is expose to on a day to day basis by our kaptors.
The administratives’ here at Pelican Bay State Prison, have instituted a social practice, which is discriminatory/racist within its ideological application. Our kaptors have for years on end now, stressed a need to maintain “Racial Balance”, as it relates to every racial nationality that is being held kaptive in Pelican Bay State Prison, in particular, in the Security Housing Unit (i.e. “individual pod’s, Housing Units and Administrative positions). But it has been consistently revealed over the years, that this social practice of marinating “Racial Balance” has been inconsistent, and contradictive to the equal protection clause of the (un) Untied States Constitution, 14th Amendment, that we prisoners of New Afrikan descent is supposedly protected by. As the truth of the matter is, “Racial Balance” has become synonymous with, regulating the Housing Arrangements of New Afrikan Prisoners, via a bias number quota. As the same emphasis of “Racial Balance”, is not advocated to other racial nationalities, in the same extreme. When it comes to our kaptors attempting to regulate racial distinctions that would presumably constitute a “Racial Balance”, we New Afrikan Prisoners are not afforded the same relief in racial distinctions, as applied to other Racial Nationalities. Example: When it comes to New Afrikan Prisoners, it is considered to be too many New Afrikan Prisoners housed in a particular housing arrangement, regardless of the tribal variants that formulate the nation of New Afrikan Prisoners as a whole. But when it comes to Mexican prisoners, our kaptors is emphatic, in making the necessary Racial distinctions, by basing their number quota on; “One group of Mexicans being “Southern Mexicans”, and the other group being “Northern Mexicans”. So how can an individual talk about “Racial Balance”, when a conscious decision is being made by our kaptors, to implement this racist interpretation through a clouded lens of dogmatic subjectivity? To our kaptors, they truly see nothing wrong with these racist practices and insist on maintaining a constant, of what can be deemed; “Business as Usual”, as they review this standard of life as a mirror image of what is suppose to be a standard for normalcy.
The lack of diplomacy applied to “Racial Balance” in housing individuals of New Afrikan descent, is beyond the preferred denotation of being totally absurd. The situation is constantly frowned upon, at the mere mention/suggestion of a fellow New Afrikan Prisoner, whom has decided to want to be housed in a section with people of his racial nationality. Negative/denigratory stereotype are immediately employed, in order to prevent such moves from gaining any kind of momentum, and to further harness the death grip of social injustice around our necks! This is done, by this fascist regime isolating us New Afrikan Prisoners into further isolation and forcing us to exist in a cesspool, where rhetoric/chaos is frontline topic of backward ideas, self hate and savagery. It become vestige of contradiction, because regardless of the so-called concerned efforts that out kaptors attempt to make, in rectifying this diabolical social practice, the overall result remains to be arbitrary, and persecutive, as it relates to New Afrikan Prisoners i.e. “Racially discriminatory”.
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Friday, November 2, 2007

New Afrikan Prisoners: Anti-Alcohol Campaign

ALCOHOL FACT: Nearly 3,000 people were killed on 9/11/01, but deadlier than terrorism is alcohol (abuse). On 4/22/02, Time Magazine reported that 1,400 U.S. college students are estimated to have died from alcohol related accidents, and 79,000 sex assaults/date rapes are attributed to campus drinking each year. Now these statistics are only reflective of college campuses, and not society at large. Just imagine what the numbers would be as a whole. How many people are in prison because of alcohol blackouts, and violent acts caused by it? Anyone you know? THINK ABOUT IT!
The sole purpose of this initiative is to spark a much needed flame under a present dilemma, that desperately needs addressing and brought to the forefront to be revealed as "THE GENOCIDAL PLAGUE" that is: ALCOHOL ABUSE! Alcohol abuse within the New Afrikan Communities (communities in general) has become a prevalent plague in serving as an insidious tool of destruction, in suffocating the fundamental development of the New Afrikan Communities as a whole, but in particular, today's youth… OUR FUTURE!
Alcohol abuse, within the New Afrikan Communities (communities in general) is on an unprecedented climb, and is becoming a permanent fixture within our communities' day to day endeavors. As insignia so to speak. As today's youth begin to embrace the usage of alcohol, as a means of escaping their present realities to compensate for their state of poverty for feeling neglected, or because they want to fit in with the so-called "IN CROWD," giving them the illusion of feeling cool, wanted, and on more occasions then not ---just wanting to be loved.
Alcohol abuse has several critical detriments that serves as a virus in trickling down into the domestic core of our New Afrikan Communities (communities in general). The effects range from crimes committed by our youth in our communities, to the centralized deterioration of the New Afrikan Family Structure (family structures in general), irresponsible conduct, as well as serious/fatal health factors, that sometimes can lead to death/loss of a fellow family member, loved one, or dear friend.
I know that the following question is being posed: "Who am I to take a critical position on an issue that dramatically affects our New Afrikan Communities (communities in general), but actually who am I not to?!" For I am a first hand victim of alcohol abuse. It was alcohol abuse that caused me to act irresponsibly, and practically came close to taking another human being's life precious life (next breath); it was alcohol abuse that facilitated the paralysis of my senses and caused me to think without clarity; it was alcohol abuse that I am now serving thirteen years to life in state prison (Note: this sentence is being served within desolate confines of the Security Housing Unit, A.K.A The S.H.U., My S.H.U sentence has been regulated to indefinite terms, solely because of my political beliefs.)
It is with this initiative, that I make the demand of the New Afrikan Communities (communities in general), that we stop being victims of such toxic poisons (alcohol) and begin to heal our communities by taking the necessary steps forward. We need to heal take action and express a critical voice towards this liquid monster of destruction. If inclined to make such a dedicated commitment, the following resources are warranted by necessity:
§ P.O. Box Holders
§ Web Sites Owners
§ People that are able to make photocopies
§ Typists
§ Distributors
And more importantly, your valuable time/energy to aid this initiative time/energy to aid this initiative to an immediate life form and not just another much needed proposal that is prone to fall on deaf ears!
For more information contact me at:
Kijana Tashiri Askari
s/n Marcus Harrison H54077
P.O. Box 7500/D3 124/D S.H.U
Crescent City, Ca. 95531
"Agitate, Propagate, Motivate, Educate to Liberate…Tashiri"

© Marcus Harrison 2007

Resisting the subversive extremes of political persecution

We, the class of new afrikan black prisoners that is being held captive in the S.H.U (security Housing Unit) at Pelican Bay State Prison, in the state of California, is currently being placed under siege and arbitrarily persecuted for our political beliefs. The means of political persecution that we all new afrikan black prisoners in being subjected to, is being perpetrated on multiple fronts by our kaptors, such as; 1). the continued infringement upon our 1st amendment right to the freedom of political expression and political activity; 2) the continued criminalization of our political beliefs/viewpoints as allegedly being the expressed activity of promoting gang and criminal activity in the interest of a particular prison gang. These fascist pigs have been relentless in this area, in spite of the fact, that time after time, it has been proven that the content of the ideological political benefits expressed thereof, is not advocating any form of violence or criminal activity; 3) subjecting us new afrikan black prisoners to round da' clock cell searches, to where any and all new afrikan revolutionary reading material (books/writings) is arbitrarily confiscated. In particular , as it relates to materials that identifies with the ideological principles of N.A.R.N (new afrikan revolutionary nationalism) or the honorable and beloved comrade George Jackson; 4) the confiscation of our out going/in coming mail that also advocates the ideological principles of our fallen comrade George Jackson i.e. "N.A.R.N."; and 5) the accumulative effect from these subversive practices is that, the material is then used against us, in order to substantiate their arbitrary decision to keep us new afrikan black prisoners held indefinitely in the S.H.U..
These fascist practices in continuing, with no means to an end in sight! And this is in spite of the fact, that there has been several court rulings rendered forth in our favor, to where the courts have consistently stated; that George Jackson, and the ideological political beliefs of George Jackson do not constitute a material basis for a prisoner being involved in the promotion of criminal and gang activities as these fascist pigs is continuing to allege. "The most recent court ruling, in which I was personally involved in, was rendered forth on June 15, 2005 by the Del Norte County Superior court, case no: HCPB 04 5054.
The basis of litigation centered around the fact of; "Pelican Bay State Prison officials had arbitrarily confiscated an in coming mail package that was being sent in to me from Santa Rosa Junior College ( The in coming mail package contained a political science study manual that was put together by the personnel of George Jackson University". I was given the following reasons as to why the in coming mail package was being disallowed; 1) The political science study manual contained the names of several validated prison gang members; 2) prison officials had deemed the address that the in coming mail package was being sent from to be a prison gang mail box; 3) they had identified comrade George Jackson as being a prison gang member, in light if a photograph of George Jackson that was featured on the political science study manual. Prison officials went on to cite the following citations and provisions of the California code of regulations, as a basis to justify their confiscation of my in coming mail. In re: C.C.R title 15 sections 83006 (c.)(16.); 83023(A.); 83136 (A.).
On June 15, 2005, the Del Norte County Superior Court, by the way of a evidentiary hearing that was held, firmly disputed and disagreed with the reasons that Pelican Bay State Prison officials gave in confiscating and disallowing my in coming mail. In fact, the court went as far to say that; "the reasons that were given by Pelican Bay State Prison officials were exaggerated!" And concluded that; 1) the photograph of comrade George Jackson did not constitute the promotion or gang, criminal, or violent activities, as in the words of Pelican Bay's own gang specialist Devan Hawkes; "George Jackson is a member of the black liberation movement and not a validated prison gang member; and 2) the address on the in coming mail package was not a prison gang mail drop box as alleged, but was in fact a address to a academic institution for higher learning (Santa Rosa Junior College). It should also be noted, that (3) three individual pages were withheld, on account, that I did not raise the issue of us prisoners having a fundamental constitutional 1st amendment right to the freedom of association. These (3) three individual pages had the names of the fellow new afrikan black political prisoners of war, to whom Pelican Bay Prison officials have arbitrarily targeted/labeled as being members of a prison gang. I have since obtained a copy of the transcript (partial) from this evidentiary hearing, which outlines the material facts of this court ruling. I'm also making a copy of this transcript available to the following information stations:
ATTN: California Prison Focus, c/o Attorney Catherine Campbell, SBN 65103, 2940 16th Street, Suite B5, San Francisco, Ca. 94103 and ATTN: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, c/o Attorney Cassie M. Pierson, 1540 Market Street, Suite 490, San Francisco, Ca. 94102. If interested, you may write to these addresses in order to obtain a copy of this transcript. In re: s/n Marcus Harrison vs. Pelican Bay State Prison case no: HCPB 04 5054.
My people, in utilizing our historical ideological line of struggle as our guide to understanding the true nature of these fascist pigs (prison officials), and to the extent of what type of material social conditions that we is confronted with, then we should collectively come to the realization that; "these fascist pigs has never been bound to obligation of upholding, and abiding by any laws that is pro created by the U.$. government, with the exception of serving their own persuasive social interests, as defined by the corrupt and decadent nature of the social system of U.$. imperialism". So with the prison industrial slave complex being a extended mechanism of oppression for the U.$ government, the only applicable means of justice that can be realized is through the power of the people! So let's mobilize around this issue, and do what is necessary in exposing the unjust and fascist nature of political persecution that we new afrikan black prisoners of war is being subjected to. This goal can be easily accomplished by utilizing all of the material resources of information/communication that is available to us, in this era of advanced modern technology, such as; the internet, newspapers, public radio stations, and writing letters to leading prison bureaucrats out in Sacramento and to the warden of this prison. When contacting these various information stations, be sure to attach a copy of the aforementioned transcript, along with a statement of opposition to this illegal practice, that Pelican State Bay prison officials is engaging in, by not adhering to the aforementioned court ruling.

All power to the people!

For more info:
Kijana Tashiri Askari
s/n Marcus Harrison H54077
P.O. Box 7500/D3 124/D SHU
Crescent City, Ca. 95531

© Marcus Harrison 2007

The Struggle Continues

My name is "Tashiri" to whom is a new afrikan black political prisoner. I am also the founder of/coordinator of the strugglecontinues web page. The purpose and objective of the strugglecontinues web page is to serve as a information/communication station for black people, and the masses of all oppressed people throughout the world abroad. The various writings, initiatives and proposals that will be high lighted on the strugglecontinues web page, have all been developed through our black culture and the ideological principals of the new afrikan revolutionary nationalism (N.A.R.N). Which is essentially a ideological tool that is designed to redeem/reclaim the people's mind from our oppressor, through the rebuilding of our new afrikan black communities via the social principals of communal – cooperative work.
We, as black people is at a pivotal point in our historical and ideological development. In essence, we are confronted with a social crisis, in which we must now wage struggle in order to redefine our existence and position in today's society, so that we are able to effectively combat the many social ills that currently plague our black communities. While also neutralizing the bankrupt stereotypes that bourgeois amerikkka has imposed upon us, in order to justify the sub standard culture and way of life that they have regulated on us through the constant depiction/portrayal of us as being sub humans in a powerless position.
Thestrugglecontinues web page is also here to inform the public, that our struggle for black liberation still exist from behind these walls and it is about time for those black people out in Babylon, who proclaim to be a part of the struggle for black liberation to make contact with us new afrikan black political prisoners, who have remained active in the struggle, from behind these walls since it's on set. Because the struggle for black liberation did not end with untimely murders of the beautiful and courageous black leaders, such as; Comrade George Jackson, W.L. Nolen, William Christmas, Alvin "Sweet Jugs" Miller, Cleveland Edwards, and a countless of many. My people, we are still here and have not given up.
For more information about what you have seen or read on this web page, you may email me at: and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manor.

All power to the people!

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